Updated: 5 months ago

Why did I create a code generator for Laravel? The story behind Vemto

Updated: 7 months ago

Attack Report: SPAM emails (June 04, 2022)

Updated: 7 months ago

Vemto 1.1.5 supports Nova 4 - Changelog

Updated: 11 months ago

Vemto 1.1.0 supports Laravel 9 - Changelog

Two weeks after the Laravel 9 launch, we are bringing Vemto 1.1.0 which has full support to generate code using it and brings improvements, bug fixes, and new features.

Updated: 1 year ago

Vemto 1.0.1 now has a Light Theme - Changelog

This new version of Vemto comes with a lot of improvements and new features. Now we have a robust platform that not only generates Laravel code but allows you to completely customize the way the code is generated, by changing the Templates or writing plugins with the powerful available API.

Updated: 1 year ago

Vemto 1.0.0 is here... And it has a lot of new features!

Vemto 1.0.0 is here with plugins, stubs editor and multi-tenancy

Updated: 1 year ago

Vemto now supports Polymorphic Relationships - 0.9.7 changelog

Updated: 1 year ago

Vemto now supports Master-Detail - 0.9.2 changelog

Now Vemto supports creating, editing, and generating Master-Detail forms for all available stacks. Master-detail is generated as a Livewire Component and supports all common form features, including nested detail.

Updated: 1 year ago

Vemto now supports Laravel Jetstream and Breeze - 0.8.1 Changelog

Updated: 1 year ago

Laravel Livewire: how to disable CSRF token to embed a component on iframe

If you try to directly embed a Livewire component on another application using an iframe, you may receive a message like that when the component is rendered: An embedded page at WEBSITE says: This page has expired due to inactivity. Would you like to refresh this page?

Updated: 10 months ago

How to create a Laravel Rest API in minutes with Vemto

With Vemto, you can create a fully functional Laravel REST API, with authentication (provided by Laravel Sanctum), tests, and even nested resource endpoints, with just some steps.

Updated: 1 year ago

Laravel Tests - changing Sanctum default guard

When creating an API using Laravel Sanctum for authentication, it may be necessary to test it. In such cases, Sanctum offers the "actingAs" method to authenticate a user. But, by default, when using this method, the user will be authenticated using the "sanctum" guard. And there are cases in that you'll need to change it.


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