Vemto 1.1.5 supports Nova 4 - Changelog

Welcome to Vemto 1.1.5.

This version brings a lot of improvements, new features, and bug fixes.

I hope you enjoy it 🚀

Laravel Nova 4 Resources support

Vemto 1.1.5 brings support to the latest Laravel Nova version using the Nova Resources plugin:


Has Many Through relationships

Now Vemto supports all Laravel default relationships, including Has Many Through relationships:


Comments on Schema

With this new version, it is possible to add Markdown compatible comments on your Schema:


Improvements on Templates Editor

Now, when you edit a template, the modified version will open on the editor by default. It also shows a small badge to help identify modified templates:


Improvements in Filament Plugin

We fixed a lot of bugs with the Filament Plugin, added support to JSON and Color inputs, and improved the visual appeareance by putting forms under card components:


Added a new third-party plugin

There is also a new Third-Party plugin in our Marketplace for generating TypeScript classes from Vemto Schemas:


Other improvements

  • Now it will recognize modifications on input templates and apply them during code generation
  • Some fakers that were using array_rand are now using the much better syntax Arr::random
  • Alpine version upgraded to 3.x on Admin LTE plugin
  • Fixed problem with User.php model file being overwritten during code generation

Issues solved

Tiago Rodrigues

by Tiago Rodrigues

Software Developer. Creator of Vemto. Find me on Twitter.


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