Vemto now supports Polymorphic Relationships - 0.9.7 changelog

Welcome to version 0.9.7 of Vemto.

There are a lot of features and improvements we hope you like. Please read this changelog carefully, as there are potential breaking changes on this new version.

Polymorphic Relationships 🚀

Now Vemto supports all Polymorphic Relationships (morphOne, morphMany and morphToMany), powering the way you project your Laravel applications.


Cascade Delete/Update by default 🗄️

With this new version, you can define if you want CASCADE DELETE/UPDATE by default directly on the project settings:

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Select Input without restrictions 📑

Vemto also now supports creating select inputs for any field type (before it only worked well for Enum fields) and editing the input items.


Master-Detail improvements (potentially breaking changes) ✅

The Master-Detail Livewire components were improved to correctly support Date inputs with Carbon casting and fix some issues with the image previewer Alpine component when using the latest Livewire version.

These improvements can affect current Master-Detail components with file/image upload and date inputs

Other improvements and bug fixes🐞

  • Fixed inputs that could not be filled after showing a confirmation dialog (Issue)
  • Fixed duplicated code on Livewire components (Issue)
  • Fixed duplicated code on controllers (Issue)
Tiago Rodrigues

by Tiago Rodrigues

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