Plugins are a way to extend Vemto functionality. They can be used to perform numerous activities such as:

A) Add a new CSS theme (example: AdminLTE plugin)
B) Modify code generation (example: Multi-Tenancy plugin)
C) Modify templates (you can modify a template in the Templates Editor, and then put it in a plugin to use in all your projects)
D) Generate files that Vemto does not generate by default (example: generate a Postman collection, generate Laravel NOVA files, etc.)
E) Execute specific commands before or after code generation

If you want to create your plugins, please refer to this page.


Vemto plugins are distributed in .zip format. You can find the plugin you want to install by going to the "Marketplace" tab.


After that, download and save it in your favorite folder. To make the plugin available for Vemto, click on the "Load Plugin" button in the upper area of the screen and select the .zip file you downloaded.


After that, the plugin will appear in the "Available" tab and you can install it with a simple click.



Although you can install plugins from any source, we recommend caution. Always prefer Marketplace plugins or plugins from a trusted and known source.

{warning} When a plugin is not listed in the marketplace, Vemto will ask you if you want to install it.

Always be careful and if you find something suspicious in any plugin, please don't be late to let us know.

Contact us at [email protected]