Installing Vemto


As Vemto is a Laravel tool, it is necessary to have all Laravel requirements installed on your computer before using it. Please, be sure to install:


Vemto is extremely simple to install. Just download here the correct binary according to your operating system and install it.

{info} It is possible that, when installing on Windows PC, it shows you a Windows Smart Screen alert. It is because Vemto doesn't have a Windows EV Code Certificate yet, but don't worry, it is completely secure.

For Linux PC, the binary format is AppImage. To execute it, it is necessary to mark it as executable. On Ubuntu, you can do it with Right Click > Permissions > Allow executing file as a program.

{warning} If you are on a newer version of Linux, you may not be able to start the executable without using the --no-sandbox parameter via the command line. This is because newer versions of some Linux distributions (eg Ubuntu 22.04) have permission problems with chrome-sandbox, which Electron uses. Another alternative is to try permitting chrome-sandbox.