Each Vemto Project is related to a Laravel application in a separate folder.

All projects can be accessed from the Vemto Home Page:



To create a new project, just click on the New Project button on the Home Page.

Then, on the Create Project page, fill all the obligatory fields. Vemto will generate the code in a folder inside the folder you select here. For example, if you select /home/john and your project is named My Project, it will generate the /home/john/my-project folder after generating the code. Then, just hit the Create button.


{warning} Vemto currently doesn't generate the database itself. So, it is necessary to create the database manually on your SGBD before trying to run your code


You can update the project details on the Project Settings section under the project, in the Metadata tab.

Update Settings

{warning} Changing the project folder or name will generate the code in a different folder from the original

General Settings

Here you can see all the project General Settings and how it matters for code generation:


Name Effect
Mass Assignment Strategy Defines if the Models will use fillable or guarded strategy for Mass Assignment. When changed, the Shema Editor will reflect the setting and will show the correct checkbox for Model or table fields
Controller Name Mode Defines if controllers names are plural or singular
Validation Mode Defines if the validation rules will use array mode or string mode (separated by "|")
Routes Mode Defines if the routes will be generated as resources or inline. When Inline Mode is selected, each route is generated separately. It is very util when using Models that don't have an English name, as Vemto generates resource routes assuming you are using English model names
Authentication Model Defines the model that is responsible for authentication. By default, it is the User model

Views Settings

Here you can see all the project Views Settings and how it matters for code generation:

Name Effect
CSS Framework Defines the CSS framework for views
Theme Defines the CSS theme
Turbolinks Defines whether to use Turbolinks or not. Turbolinks is a library that makes navigating your web application much faster

Folders Settings

In the Folders Settings tab, you can change the default path where Vemto generates the code for different types of files.

Folders Settings

{info} Changing the path on the Folders Settings tab reflects directly to the Namespace.