Generally, it is not necessary to configure Vemto after installing it. But in some specific cases, Vemto can not find the installation for some of the following binaries on your Operating System:

  • GIT
  • PHP
  • Composer
  • NPM

So, if you are facing this problem and receiving a message like:

{warning} "Sorry, Vemto requires composer installed in your system. Please check if composer is globally available on your PATH environment variable, or add its path to the main settings on Vemto Home Page"

It will be necessary to add the binary path on Vemto Settings. To open the settings, go to the Vemto Home Page, then click on the Gears icon on the top superior corner.

Vemto Settings

Then just fill the binary path and restart Vemto.

{info} You can use the command which on Linux/MacOS terminal, or the command where on Windows terminal to check the binaries' location. For example, which composer, where composer, etc

Activating your License

To activate your license, open the Vemto Settings on the Home Page, then type the license details and click on "Validate License".

Validating License

To revoke a license to use on another computer, just click on the "Revoke" button and confirm.

{info} If you don't have a Vemto License yet, you can acquire one here