Migrations Tracking

To correctly generate the code, it is necessary to track the migrations generated for each Model and Table on your project.

Vemto does it automatically, but it is recommended, for Old Projects (Vemto < 0.8.1), to check the Migrations Tab inside the Project Settings to see if Vemto attributed the existent migrations settings correctly (mainly the option Migrations date prefix that needs to be filled):


If you have no migrations generated on your project folder, don't worry, Vemto will register them after the next Code Generation.

Please notice that some Models or tables don't have a Foreigns Migration because they don't have relationships. It is normal that some of these entities have an empty field for these migrations. Vemto will take care of filling these settings when necessary.

{warning} If you want to change migrations order, please do it on this screen, not manually, so Vemto could keep the file tracking and will avoid generating a new migration.